The Institute for Cultural Communicators believes that every individual has a platform: 
causes, needs, and issues that are near to his or her heart. 
By joining an ICC Chapter, you can improve your communication skills 
and make an indelible impact in your community with help from other like-minded youth.

          Purpose: Within the ICC community, Chapters exist to train young Christian communicators in 
competence and character through the ICC mentoring model to daily influence culture for Christ.

            1.  Chapters give students a purpose for speaking, and due to this motivation, ICC Chapters have 
accomplished amazing things.

            2.  Chapters are formed by groups of students from ages 6 - 18. Supervised and facilitated by an 
adult Sponsor, students deliver presentations and host events in their communities. 

            3.  Chapter members to adhere to the highest ethical standards both on and off the platform.

            4.  Chapter members have accelerated opportunities to grow as speakers and leaders. The 
Young Speakers Guild Training Series takes students through 3 phases of challenging instruction while enabling them to obtain portfolio-building platforms. 

            5.  Students are also given the opportunity to gain leadership skills by serving in different roles 
and responsibilities within their Chapters. 

            6.  Chapters also have the chance to share a Chapter Snapshot at ICC Training Events.