Standards and Practices (SOAP)

ICC Standards and Practices

ICC expects Chapter members to adhere to the highest ethical standards both on and off the platform. Philippians 2:3 says,

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others as better than yourselves." (NIV) 

Showing respect for the people around us - including the audience, our teammates and the other people we come into contact with - is the first step in authentic communication. As Christian communicators, our goal should be to serve others with our communication, which will allow us to build bridges and impact others for Christ.

With that in mind, there are four main areas in which we expect Chapter members to practice and demonstrate this attitude of respect through the use of SOAP:

1. Respect for Sources
   We expect speakers to exhibit academic integrity by showing respect for the words and ideas of others. Speakers must make it clear in every presentation whether their words are their own or are quoted from someone else. Ideas, concepts and theories from others should be properly referenced and cited. By not exaggerating, misrepresenting or leaving out sources, speakers establish their credibility and demonstrate their commitment to ethical behavior.

2. Respect for Others
    We expect Chapter members to treat those around them with courtesy and professionalism as brothers and sisters in Christ.

3.  Respect for Authority
     We expect Chapter members to follow the instructions of those in authority including community leaders, Chapter leaders, facility staff, judges, event staff, and other adults. Questions or conflicts should be directed to the appropriate members of the event or organizational staff.

4.  Respect for the Platform
    We expect speakers to treat every platform as a privilege. Speakers do this in many ways, but especially by stricly adhering to stated time limited, by confirming and following the appropriate dress code for every event, and by leaving every facility in which they speak in excellent condition. All of these things communicate that audience and staff time is valuable and that speakers appreciate the opportunity to speak.

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