February 28, 2013

posted Mar 4, 2013, 12:41 PM by Yvonne Hagood

Congratulations to our ICCFS Participants and Parents: The contributions from our chapter were tremendous! We had the most speakers and provided the most community and parent judge/evaluators! Tracee organized the most amazing lunch too!

We had several of our Phase II students receive invitations to participate in the National Tournament in Virginia Beach in June. Please congratulate Sarah Gonzalez, Kimberly Hagood, Michelle Hagood and Deanna Hagood for their outstanding presentations.

Flood the Five Conference: If you haven’t registered for the conference here in Colorado Springs, do so soon. You don’t want to miss this opportunity to experience the ICC community and receive training as coaches and students.

Important links to check out:

Sample Schedule

Registration: Be sure to use your chapter member numbers for discount. (If you don't have one contact Yvonne.Hagood@gmail.com)

                        • 1-day - BPS ages 6-10 - $25

                        • 2-day - ages 11- 18 - $90

                        • parents are free with a paying students    

You can help by:

- signing up to provide housing for a family who is traveling here for the conference. There is more information found on the form.

- volunteering to provide part of the lunch on Friday for the conference staff. See Candy Hendrix or Yvonne for more information.

Opportunity to help raise funds for Melissa and Joshua’s uncle: April 6, 2013, 7:00 at First Evangelical Free Church. David Cheney had a brain bleed Nov. 28 and has been unable to work. In addition, he has had multiple surgeries so has accrued large medical costs. A love offering taken at a Sacred Concert, hosted by the Morgans, will raise funds for the family.

If you have scripture presentations or perform musical or vocal Christian music and would like to participate, please contact Vicki Morgan at krmvsm@hotmail.com. This is a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of another family.

Next BPS Meeting March 21, 2013.  Because of the Flood the Five Conference, there will be NO meeting March 14. You can find the most updated schedule under General Information.

Chapter Dinner: Mark your calendars for April 4th! Look for the coming e-vite to know what to bring. Students will present their interpretations and new YSG presentations.


Beginning Public Speaking Homework (BPS) ages 6-10yrs

1.  Find a short story or poem to bring to life for your audience. BPS students (Deanna’s group) should find a piece up to 1 ½ minutes long. BPS+ students (Kimberly’s group) should look for a piece up to 3 minutes. You can find more information on page 48 of the BPS book. As you choose your piece, be thinking about who you would like to present this to.    

2.  Read through God’s Grand Story in the little green booklet until you’re familiar with it. Then memorize the BPS and BPS+ Bible verses for our Chapter Presentation found at the end of the presentation script. (Presentation Script is found under Resources.)

Young Speakers Guild Homework (YSG) ages 11-18yrs

1. Complete pages 21 – 25 in Activity #1. Look for opportunities to practice your limited preparation skills in conversation this week and record them on page 28. We will continue to practice Limited Prep during small group the next few weeks so look over the Limited Prep Topics from the ICC website.

2.  Complete pages 58-59, 62-63 in Activity #2. Be looking for opportunities in the community to use your new skills and record them on page 61. We will be practicing “Salesman Squabble” next week.

3.  Memorize your parts for our Chapter Presentation. You can print out your own copy of the Presentation Script found in Resources. Here are some suggestions:

- Practice by reading through the script at least once in the morning and once at night.

- Read through it as a family, having different family members take parts so you can practice your part and when you need to speak.

- As you read it, picture what you will be doing as you say your part.

- Carry the script with you and read through it when you have spare time.