October 4, 2012

posted Oct 4, 2012, 9:31 PM by Yvonne Hagood   [ updated Nov 9, 2012, 9:03 PM ]

Chapter Dinner:  October 18, immediately following our meeting (6:30 - 7:30pm), will be a time for our chapter families to get to know each other and see what our students have been learning. So bring the whole family,  enjoy a potluck dinner and great entertainment.

Each family will bring a main dish and their own table service. In addition, those with last names from A - L are to bring a side dish and those from M - Z are to bring a dessert. Drinks will be provided. 

There is a kitchen downstairs with an oven if you need to bake something or keep it warm. Crock pots are also a good choice. Please RSVP to Yvonne - Yvonne.Hagood@gmail.com.

Chapter Snapshot: We started practicing for our chapter snapshot and will begin video taping next week. It was fun to see how excited the students were and how hard they worked to say their lines. Our goal is to work on it through the end of the month and be able to debut it at our next Chapter Dinner on November 15. Please dress appropriately next week with nice jeans and shirts. (No holes or T-shirts with writing, please.) You can read our dress code in the handout.

Beginning Public Speaking Homework (BPS) ages 6-10yrs

1.  Review questions 1-3 of the Public Speaking Quiz on page 8. Talk about where you see public speaking during the week so students can fill out a card to place on our public speaking board next week.

2.  Review Most Important Speaking Tips on page 15 and make sure students are using them as they practice their Reading and Recitation. Answers can be found in Homework under the Resources section.

3.  Use the feedback on the Coaching Cards to improve the Reading and Recitations. Final presentation will be made on October 18 but if your students would like to present their pieces again next week for extra practice they are welcome to do so.

4.  Keep working on SOAP.

5.  Be sure to record any platforms on the Platform Recording Form and then on the Platform Recording Log on the website under "Platforms" before October 15.

Young Speakers Guild Homework (YSG) ages 11-18yrs

1. Continue setting goals in your books and keeping track of progress on the YSG Tracking Log. You can find the links in Links under Resources section. Use the dialog boxes at the top of your page to ask questions or get feedback.

2.  Learn about your school years from 7 yrs to the present and be ready to share a 2 min presentation to your small group for feedback. Be sure to include some interesting stories. If you have a photo of yourself during that time, please bring it to share. We are continuing to learn to see that every person has a story and each person is important. This is a practical application of Phil 2:3.