September 27, 2012

posted Sep 27, 2012, 10:38 PM by Yvonne Hagood   [ updated Sep 28, 2012, 8:43 AM ]
  Mark your calendars for October 18 for our first potluck dinner after chapter. We will have time to get to know each other better and see some of our speakers present their reading  and recitations. (Note other changes on the calendar.)

   As you probably noticed, SOAP has become a very obvious standard for our conduct during chapter. "Let's remember to walk to our groups because that's respect for the platform." "Let's remember our respect for authority by being quiet when the SL is giving instructions." Or how about, "We're not going to hit or call names because we want to remember to respect others"? You can also use this Biblical principle of respect from Phil 2:3 at home. I'd like to hear how it is affecting your family:)

Beginning Public Speaking Homework (BPS) ages 6-10yrs
    1.  Review Audience Role on page 14. You can find the answers in Homework under Resources.

    2.  Practice the Good Audience Song. (See the words under Look and See. We're working on a video.)

    3.  Select and practice your pieces for the Reading and Recitation assignment on page 12. Think about where you could present this during the coming holidays - Columbus Day, Election Day, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas. These are all opportunities to make connections with people in our community.
        This selection can be a poem or Scripture passage that is memorized. For the younger speakers, it could be the retelling of a favorite Bible story. (Remember it needs to have a beginning, middle and end and fit into the time requirements*.) They could also tell a story using a book.
        Speakers should be focusing on:
                using the 3-second rule
                making eye contact
                staying within the time limits (*1/2 - 1 1/2 min for 6-7yrs and 1 - 2 min for 8-10 yr)
        Students will make their first presentation next week and receive feedback they can use to improve their speeches. They will continue to work on their presentations until their final presentation on October 18. 

    4.  Keep working on SOAP.

    5.  Be sure to record any platforms on the Platform Recording Form and then on the Platform Recording Log on the website under "Platforms".

Young Speakers Guild Homework (YSG) ages 11-18yrs
    1. Continue setting goals in your books and keeping track of progress on the YSG Tracking Log. You can find the links in "Links" under "Resources." Use the dialog boxes at the top of your page to ask questions or get feedback.

    2.  Learn about your early childhood from birth to 6 yrs and be ready to present it to your small group. Be sure to include some interesting stories. If you have a photo of yourself during that time, please bring it to share. This begins a series of learning to see that every person has a story and each person is important. The focus is on others.

    3.  Memorize Phil 2:3.