Chapter SHINE requires that all students be registered as members of the Institute for Cultural Communicators. Please contact the chapter sponsor to receive a link to the registration form and submit membership and chapter fees to Chapter SHINE. 

Each family will also need to be in agreement with the ICC Statement of Faith. 

2015-2016 ICC Member Fees:
    6-10 yrs    $50/year before July 15, 2015        $75/year after July 15, 2015    no sibling discount
    11-18yrs    $100/year until July 15, 2015    $125/year after July 15, 2015

ICC Membership fees will be paid to ICC by Chapter SHINE. Once registered, each member will receive a unique Chapter Member Number (CMN) from the sponsor which is active through June 15, 2016. When used, the CMN will enable members to participate in member-only events and purchase YSG training materials. Please keep this number for your records.

A $35 Family Chapter Fee is also required to cover renewal costs and administrative expenses for Chapter SHINE. 

A Media Release Form is also required to participate in Chapter SHINE. If you are registering for the first time, please print, complete and submit the following form to the chapter sponsor: 

    Each family with students 6-10yrs will need a copy of the Beginning Public Speaking (BPS) Workbook. It can be purchased from the ICC website store for $15 + postage and handling or from the chapter sponsor for $15, if available. Some students may want to purchase their own individual copy. A  ½ inch 3-ring binder will also be needed to keep copies of their presentations, homework record and platform recording form.

    Each 11-18yrs student will need a copy of the Young Speakers Guild Training Series (YSG) beginning with Phase I. Each phase will be purchased individually from the ICC website store and downloaded as a pdf file. Cost is $15 for YSG I$20 for YSG II and $25 for YSG III. It can then be printed from a home computer, printed at a copy store (like Kinkos for approx. $10) or printed pages can be purchased from the sponsor for $7 each. A copy of your receipt will be needed as proof of purchase. A 1 inch binder will be needed for YSG I and 1½ inch binder for YSG II and III.

If you have any questions, please contact Candy Hendrix, Chapter Sponsor, at 719-287-5087 or