WTM - What's That Mean?

This list is to help parents and members become familiar with terms and acronyms frequently used in ICC.

AC - Area Coordinator  These adult leaders coordinate the activities in specific areas. There are eight (8) areas in
         the US and one (1) International.

ALT - Area Leadership Team Adult leadership in an area that coaches sponsors and assistant sponsors of up to 
          4 chapters.

APP - Apprentice  This servant leadership role is available at a fall CFC, spring FTF and summer IC.

APP 2 - Apprentice II  This servant leadership role carries more responsibilities and is only available at a fall CFC.

AS - Assistant Sponsor  This adult leader helps the Sponsor and must meet the same requirements as a Sponsor. 

ASLC - Area Student Leader Council  This is a group of students in an area that mentors students there under 
          the guidance of an Area Leader.

BPS - Beginning Public Speaking  The curriculum used by ages 6-10 which teaches basic public speaking skills and
         eight speeches.

CFC - Communicators for Christ Conference  This 3-day conference is comprised of an intern team and adult 
           leaders that travel around the country from August through November. The team is selected in the spring 
           and trains during the summer. The original touring conference began in 1997 when the Moons lived in 

CMN - Chapter Member Number  A unique number assigned each member which enable him to participate in
            member-only events, receive registration discounts at certain training events and purchase YSG training 

CS - Chapter Sponsor  This is the adult oversight of a chapter and has to meet training requirements before 
          applying. Their commitment is for one year and they must continue training to remain a sponsor.

Duo - a presentation involving two speakers

IC - International Convention  This is the mainstay event at the end of the chapter year in June. The National ICCFS 
         Tournament is held during this time and recognition awarded. Training is provided for sponsors and chapter 
         member families only.

ICC - Institute for Cultural Communicators  This is the umbrella organization that orchestrates all the conferences, 
          chapters, curriculum development and consultations. It became incorporated in 2006 four years after the 
          Moons moved to Tennessee.

ICCFS - ICC Forensic Society  This training event uses competition and repetition to accelerate the learning curve 
           during the spring through area tournaments. Guests from the community give their time to watch 
           presentations and PF debate, providing feedback so speakers can improve their skills.

IGNITE - Winter Retreat  This more causal training event is held in January over the long Martin Luther King 
            holiday at a camp. It is the kick off for the first national tournament of the year and is open to members 
            and anyone in the community. PI and RSA opportunities are available to members who qualify.

Interp - short for interpretation. This type of speech brings literature to life. It can be humorous or dramatic.

NLT - National Leadership Team  These adults oversee the development and implementation of the various 
             training programs of ICC.

NSLC - National Student Leader Council  This groups of 8 students form a team that acts as liaisons between 
             adults and students of the Institute and provide training and encouragement specifically to student 

PF - Public Forum Debate  This type of debate practiced at ICCFS Tournaments is designed to provide training to       
            make well-rounded speakers. It teaches critical thinking, listening skills and trains students to converse 
            conversationally with "any man on the street."

PI - Prospective Intern  These young adults begin the process of interviewing for internship at IGNITE and continue 
           through the spring until final selections are made in April.

Platform - where you communicate publicly. This can be a specific place where speakers deliver a presentation or 
          a more general setting where anyone is in public view.

PREP - Pursuing Responsibility and Excellence Purposefully  This servant-leadership opportunity is available 
            during the summer at the training center in Tennessee while the interns are there preparing for the fall 
            CFC. Three different groups of students headed by team leaders come to carry out the necessary daily 
            responsibilities of a household of between 25 - 30 people.

RSA - Recommended Staff Assistant  This leadership opportunity is only available at IGNITE to qualifying 

SE - Student Evaluator  These students provide feedback during ICCFS Tournaments to members in Phase I events.

SI - Student Instructor  These qualifying students who teach tracts while working as a team with Interns at 
            Fall CFC. 

SL - Student Leader  There are four nationally recognized roles in each chapter that are held for one year.

Tracts - Levels of training provided during a conference. These are age specific and activity based.

TRR - Thematic Religious Reading  A type of presentation where literature, scripture and original work are woven 
           together around a theme.

YCC - Young Communicators for Christ  Students 6-10yrs. 

YSG - Young Speakers Guild  This can refer to the curriculum used by members 11 - 18 years old or to the group 
            of students who have completed the YSG training, demonstrating both the required competence and 
            character, and been inducted into the national recognized guild.