What is a platform?
A platform is an activity where the major activity involves:
  • public speaking in the community
  • takes place in a non-competitive setting
  • does not require personal remuneration for the activity
Who needs platforms and why?
To help us remember our purpose is to impact our communities, each chapter member is required to speak in the community.
  • Speakers 6-10 years old are required to speak 2 times per year.
  • Speakers 11-18 years old are required to speak 4 times per year.
What is needed for a platform to meet the individual chapter platform requirements?
There are three parts to each platform: 
  • venue (physical location)
  • audience (people you are giving the speech to)
  • presentation (speech being given)
In order for our students to experience a wide variety of situations, we encourage them to change two of the three parts. However, we want to give credit for all platforms so for purposes of recording, only one of the three parts must change. 
Remember, every platform a student takes enables him to become more confident and effective and trains him to connect with many types of audiences.
Finding Platforms
  • Think about the places you go and people you know. (scouting groups, camps, enrichment activities, youth groups etc.) (grandparents, daycare, neighbors, relatives,etc.) 
  • Ask yourself "What would they be interested to hear? How can I delight or inform them?"
  • Ask for the privilege to speak. Set a specific time and place.
  • Practice. Practice. Practice. You want to be prepared.
  • Be on time. Dress appropriately. Do your best.
  • Thank your host for the opportunity to speak.
If you need more ideas, check out these Platform Opportunities.