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Limited Prep Topics

Limited Preparation is taught in Activity #1 of the YSG I portfolio pack. Complete instructions are found on pages 24-25. 

Possible topics are listed below and can be printed from the ICC website in Forensics Society under Chapters at the link below.

ICCFS Phase I - Limited Preparation Instructions and Topics

Limited Preparation Questioner Instructions

The goal of the ICCFS Limited Prep Event is to help the speakers practice responding conversationally to questions or statements using examples such as one or more of the following to develop a point:

·      a personal experience

·      a historical event

·      a story from literature

·      a current event.

1.    Read the questions/statements in the order they are listed.

2.    Tell the timekeeper to begin prep time.

3.    The speaker may ask for a different question/statement, but the prep time is running once you pose the first question/statement.

4.    If the speaker is having a difficult time speaking, encourage them with possible examples.

5.    If you reach the end of the list start over from the beginning. Try to give later speakers the unused topics.

6.    Once the speaker has finished making their point on the first topic, present a second question/statement and repeat.

Phase I Limited Preparation Topics

1.    What is beauty?

2.    God is love.

3.    What does it mean to you to be joyful?

4.    There is a difference between happiness and joy.

5.    Stop and smell the roses.

6.    What is the significance of a promise?

7.    Enjoy the moment.

8.    What is meekness?

9.    A penny saved is a penny earned.

10. What is a leader?

11. Time is short.

12. Blessed are the merciful.

13. Illustrate endurance.

14. Judge not lest you be judged.

15. Is sadness always bad?

16. Every rose has a thorn.

17. What is love?

18. Illustrate grace.

19. How can we make the most of time?

20. What keeps a family together?

21. Pride comes before the fall.

22. What does peace look like?

23. Laughter does a heart good like medicine.

24. What is a good legacy to leave?

25. Illustrate courage.

26. What does it mean to you to be faithful?

27. Talk about forgiveness.

28. Why is beauty important?

29. Describe fear.

30. What is bitterness?

31. A wise child loves discipline.

32. What does it mean to obey?

33. Give us a picture of perseverance.

34. What is kindness?

35. Now we see in a mirror dimly.

36. Where do we see patience?

37. The pen is mightier than the sword.

38. What does it mean to be pure of heart?

39. Perfect love casts out fear.

40. What does it mean to be loyal?

41. Haste makes waste.

42. Do we have control over our lives?

43. Speak the truth in love.

44. What is the importance of listening?